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These are firms that can find you a mutual fund to invest in and help you learn how to invest in mutual funds.

  • ​Reliance 
  • IDFC 
  • Birla Sunlife 
  • Sundaram 
  • Axis 
  • L&T 
  • Franklin Templeton
  • Quantum 
  • Fidelity 
  • ​Vanguard 
Mutual Fund Ratings and Calculators


Learn more about financial planning and how to choose the right mutual funds. 


Before buying into a mutual fund it is essential that you, or a qualified and trusted financial advisor reads all available information on the fund. Mutual fund ratings can be found a variety of places. You should also read all information made public by the investment manager who oversees the fund. Again, the correct mutual fund for a young professional looking to save for a home may not be the right choice for a seasoned worker with a few years left before retirement. 


A variety of fees and expenses are involved with mutual funds and they impact your returns. A number of mutual fund calculators are available to help you compare the fees and expenses across funds. 

FINRA Mutual Fund Expense Analyzer

Money Control Return Calculator