• Age;
  • Other Investments;
  • financial situation and needs, information like annual income and liquid net worth;
  • tax status, such as marginal tax rate; 
  • investment objectives, which may include income generation, retirement funding, home ownership, wealth preservation, or market speculation;
  • investment experience
  • investment time horizon, i.e. long-term or short-term;
  • liquidity preferences (how quickly you need the investment to be available as cash without taking a loss;  
  • risk tolerance, which is an investor’s willingness to risk losing some or all of the original investment in exchange for greater potential returns.

ways to plan ahead

Traditional or Roth IRAs​


Variable Annuities

​Index Funds

Solo-k or Solo 401(k) 


One-participant k

529 Plans 

Mutual Funds 

Financial planning and investment management


This is the vital information that a financial advisor must know when giving advice and any one who chooses to handle their investments on their own should be able to answer these questions accurately and honestly. 




some of the reasons people seek out financial planners


Estate Planning 

Gifting to children 

Social Security optimization

Pension Plan payouts 

Concentrated stock holdings 

Education funding 

Tax-saving strategies

 Charitable giving strategies 

Free Support

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Investment and Financial Planning

Investment management and financial planning go hand in hand. Your financial goals can be reached in a number of ways and a good financial advisor will help you outline your goals and figure out how to achieve them. Before you can think about which mutual fund to invest in you need to know how much money you have to invest, what type of return you expect, and have a clear idea of why and when you need the investment to provide a return. It may turn out a mutual fund is not the right option for your financial goals and resources. However many alternatives to mutual funds are available to fund your retirement, save for college, and achieve other financial goals. Smart planning can help you to retire happy and live life free from financial woes.